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The basic nature of LibreCAD as an open source free software is to be open to improvement. The variety of contributor profiles makes LibreCAD richer so everybody is welcomed ! Beginners have a fresh look and may report issues that experienced users are used to and do not report.

Contributing includes various aspects and skills:

  • support: answer to questions from users on LibreCAD forum.
  • documentation:
    • this DokuWiki : share useful information such as tutorials, FAQ, best practices.
  • translating: the user interface or the documentation from English to your language. (lien page translation).
  • coding: fixings bugs, implement new features, extend current features, maintenance.
  • testing: new features for bugs or improvements.

As you can see, even beginners can contribute through feed-backs, testing or documentation. Contributing is also an opportunity to develop your skills.

The team set up tools (Github, forums, Wiki) and communication channels to ask for help and to coordinate. The most convenient channel to connect with contributors are the LibreCAD forum and Zulip chat.

Please see the following sections for coding, translating LibreCAD in your language and documentation.

There is a specific way to contribute for students on open source programs: Google Summer of Code. And LibreCAD is part of it ! You may review past and current GSoC contributions on our blog and check the GSoC page.


As an open source software, LibreCAD lives through community contributions. It is not possible to list all contributors but let's try to give an overview :

We should also mention all LibreCAD Wiki editors.

Thank you all !

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