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LibreCAD code is hosted by Github where releases 2 and 3 are developed together. SourceForge is the former code repository but importantly it provides an autonomous Windows build server with scripts for uploading nightly builds.

Need for developers

LibreCAD is mainly coded with C++. There are also some nice-to-have skills improving productivity:

  • Qt
  • Boost
  • muparser
  • Autodesk DXF format

If you are a developer, outstanding in C++, or a beginner we can use all the help. With a bit of determination, the IRC channel, Zulip chat and the Libre-CAD-dev mailing list, we can help you getting started and making progress.

A good starting point for developers is the LibreCAD Developer’s Wiki on GitHub. You will find information on developing requirements, building from source, Git and Github usage and LibreCAD font format.

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