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Welcome to the LibreCAD Wiki for tutorials and how-to!

It is assumed you are familiar with the LibreCAD website overview of:

More detail is available in this wiki and the user manual described in the next section.

Screenshot of LibreCAD 2.1.3

LibreCAD has a free software licence.

LibreCAD capabilities

  • Partial support of Autodesk DWG format (importing only).
  • Support of Autodesk DXF open format (import and export). It is LibreCAD main format.
  • Export in PDF format and image format (PNG, SVG, bitmap).
  • Support of MakerCAM SVG format. To be confirmed
  • Line, circle, arc, polyline, spline.
  • Entity modification: move/duplicate, mirror, scale, offset, trim, fillet, etc.
  • Cartesian and polar coordinate systems.
  • Local coordinates system: you can choose a new origin to input ang get coordinates.
  • Snap functions to accurately draw with end points, middle points, center of arcs, intersection of lines.
  • Hatch.
  • Blocks can be created and inserted.
  • Library to manage standard components through blocks (screw, windows, etc.).
  • Text annotation.
  • Dimensions: linear dimension aligned with feature, radius, diameter, leader.
  • Layer management: toggle for visibility and for printing, entity properties driven by layer properties (color, line width, type of line).
  • Print to a chosen scale.
  • Toolbars can be customized.
  • Several actions can be made through the command line.
  • Plugins developed to ease some tasks.
  • User Interface available in several languages.
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