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Contribute to the documentation

The documentation is very important to users. It helps to understand how LibreCAD interacts with the user and guide him with some good practices linked to LibreCAD.

The community needs two profiles to support this work:

  • editors
  • architects

Need for editors

Editors create user manuals, tutorials and Wiki pages. They also maintain the current information and check for grammar and spelling issues.

Since LibreCAD is used all over the world, the English documentation should be easily understood by people for which English is not their native language.

Need for architects

The architects focus on how the information is organized and presented. This is not only making the information more presentable and better organized, it is also encouraging further improvements and ensuring consistency of all the documents. If the Wiki is easy to understand then it is easier to contribute to it.

If you are a new editor/architect

Depending on which part of the document you want to contribute, you will need to create the following accounts:

  • LibreCAD forum: mandatory to interact with users and other editors/architects.
  • Zulip chat: recommended as information are shared and discussed. It also allows direct messages to someone or everyone to share issues, proposal and to coordinate.
  • Github: if you wish to contribute to user manual.
  • DokuWiki: if you wish to contribute to this Wiki, to tutorials, etc.

User Manual

Developers are usually bad in making documentation ;-), so if you like writing documentation your involvement in developing the User Manual would be greatly appreciated.

The documentation for most recent version of LibreCAD’s User Manual is hosted by Read the Docs. As with the source code, the documentation source is hosted at GitHub. The documentation is created using a markup language called reStructuredText. These reStructuredText pages are enhanced by templates to provide nicer page formats.

For those interested in contributing, refer to LibreCAD Documentation Wiki on Github and to the documentation streams at Zulip chat.

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