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The documentation is only available on the web. It consists of the Website and Blog, Github and SourceForge repositories, User Manual, old Wiki, Forum, Zulip chat Forum and IRC #librecad.

LibreCAD User Manual

:!: LibreCAD v2.2.x User Manual, DRAFT

This is the initial DRAFT of the LibreCAD User Manual and is subject to change.

The manual is based on LibreCAD v2.2.0rc1. If you are using another version of LibreCAD, your mileage may vary.

The LibreCAD User Manual is the primary source of user documentation and, combined with this wiki's tutorials and how-to, supercedes the old wiki.

The manual contains:

  • Installation instructions including building from source and configuration of LibreCAD.
  • Reference section describing the commands and their parameters.
  • User guides providing steps to perform common tasks.

Other User Manuals

v2.2 - Current and complete

:!: Note: These manuals are for older versions of LibreCAD and may not reflect the command or layout found in the latest release of LibreCAD.

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