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LibreCAD uses its own font format for various reasons. Based on its roots in QCAD, which used its own CXF format, LibreCAD enhanced this format in LFF (LibreCAD Font Format).


LibreCAD comes with a collection of common used fonts. Some of them are contributions from our community, others are converted from TTF fonts with our command line conversion tool ttf2lff.

When LibreCAD is installed from a binary package, chances are good, that the fonts are installed properly, and that they are available in text tools.
Their location depends on the used operating system.

If you have converted your own fonts, you can add an additional path in Application Preferences, that you can keep them separated from the deployed fonts.

For users who build LibreCAD themselves, they can find the font files on our Github repository

Sharing drawings with text

Because LFF is a LibreCAD feature, other CAD applications probably can't show texts in DXF drawings.
To share DXF with text with other CAD applications, create a copy of the drawing and explode all text. This makes them basic entities again and allow other CAD applications to show the text. The back draw is, that the exploded text is no longer editable as text.

Font lists


Font File Alphabet Font Type Technical /
Single Line
amiri-regular.lff Arabic Serif
azomix.lff Chinese Sans Serif X
azomix_i.lff Chinese Sans Serif X
cursive.lff Latin Sans Serif, Italic X
cyrillic_ii.lff Cyrillic Sans Serif X
gothgbt.lff Latin Blackletter / Gothic
gothgrt.lff Latin Blackletter / Gothic
gothitt.lff Latin Blackletter / Gothic
greek_ol.lff Greek
greekc.lff Greek
greekcs.lff Greek
greekp.lff Greek
greeks.lff Greek X
iso.lff Latin Sans Serif X
iso3098.lff Latin Sans Serif X
iso3098_i.lff Latin Sans Serif X
italicc.lff Latin Serif, Outline
italiccs.lff Latin Serif, Outline
italict.lff Latin Serif, Outline
kochigothic.lff Latin Sans Serif, Outline
kochimincho.lff Latin Serif, Outline
kst32b.lff Chinese Sans Serif X
lc_opengost-ar.lff Cyrillic, Greek, Latin Sans Serif X
lc_opengost-br.lff Cyrillic, Greek, Latin Sans Serif X
opengosttypea-regular.lff Cyrillic, Greek, Latin Sans Serif, Outline X
opengosttypeb-regular.lff Cyrillic, Greek, Latin Sans Serif, Outline X
romanc.lff Latin Serif, Outline
romancs.lff Latin Serif, Outline
romand.lff Latin Sans Serif, Outline
romanp.lff Latin Serif, Outline
romans.lff Latin Sans Serif X
romansi.lff Latin Sans Serif, Italic X
romant.lff Latin Serif, Outline
scriptc.lff Latin Script, Outline
scripts.lff Latin Script
simplex.lff Latin Sans Serif X
standard.lff Latin Sans Serif X
syastro.lff Symbol
symap.lff Symbol
symath.lff Symbol
symbol.lff Symbol
symbol_misc1.lff Symbol
symbol_misc2.lff Symbol
symeteo.lff Symbol
symusic.lff Symbol
unicode.lff Multiple Sans Serif X


Font File Alphabet Font Type Technical /
Single Line
wqy-unicode.lff Chinese Sans Serif


From 2.1.3


Some fonts have performance issues. This depends on the number of entities defining a single letter. When there are fonts with mostly less than 10 entities per letter, there are others with 50 to well over 100 entities per Letter.


The Tool

ttf2lff is the LibreCAD converter to create LFF fonts from TTF fonts.

The tool's source code is part of the LibreCAD code base and can be build optional with LibreCAD.
There is no deployment for the tool, because it's just a console application which is not much comfortable to use for inexperienced users.
There are some binaries around, which may work on their targeted operating system, but without any warranty.


Because the TTF file format supports much more font types and features, it is not guaranteed that the conversion is possible with every TTF font.
The result is at most an outline font, because LFF format does not support filled letters.
There are some hints in the forum, explaining how to explode text and fill letters with solid hatch, but this can end in huge efforts and makes the text no longer editable.

Online Converter

Because of the requests for ttf2lff binaries from time to time we recently launched an online converter.
This allows everybody to upload TTF fonts, let ttf2lff do its work on our server, and then provides a download link for the LFF font. It's basically working, we got first positive response, but it's probably not fully bullet proofed yet.
If any issues arise, please report them to the forum:

Before you convert a font, please check its license and ensure that conversion is allowed.
For the upload provide correct data for author and license, these information is set into the LFF file to appreciate the authors work and probably to satisfy the license.

The online converter:
The upload limit for TTF files is about 30MB.

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