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Google Summer of Code 2020

This year Florian (Feragon) and Armin (LodOfBikes) mentor Akhil Nair with his project LibreCAD 3 GUI Revamp.

The student

I'm Akhil Nair, currently a second year undergrad at AIT Pune, India studying Computer Engineering. I've been interested in computers since my childhood, video games evoking my curiosity and interest in computer science and technology. I'm a member of the Open Source Software Club of my college and have dabbled a bit in quite a few languages and frameworks. I'm fond of watching movies/TV shows ,reading novels and enjoy playing sports.

The project

LibreCAD 3 is the new version of LibreCAD currently under development. LibreCAD 3 uses Lua for GUI initialization, management, plugins and for the various create and modify operations, allowing easy addition of functionality and extensibility through Lua. Lua for GUI initialization and management has a couple of disadvantages like lack of unit test, compiler checks and more difficulty debugging. Users writing plugins for the GUI require knowledge of the Qt C++ framework. This project aims at shifting the GUI initialization and management to C++ while also providing an alternative API for the GUI use in Lua.

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