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Bonding Period(Week -1)

Finding a way to use cmake to emulate Visual's Studio Build. Right now I'm trying modifing “CMakeSettings.json” and using cmake arguments to read from it.

Packaging the Windows install (Week 1-2)

As the automatization of the Windows build script currently works (only the last step which is using Visual's studio Gui to build is not, but using Cmake should be able to replace it), I'll have to code the Windows install script. Same as before, it seems that in Librecad's current version there is a Windows install script, and it seems that it uses Qt to deploy create the .exe.

Coding of the Linux script (Week 3-4)

I have only built the project for windows, so the next step will be trying to build it for Linux. Best should be using Ubuntu as a distro since that is what will be used in the Linux Github runner. So I'll probably use WSL or an equivalent to try out the installation.

Once I get the project running, I can begin the automatization of the building. As in the windows one, I'll backtrack my steps to code it. Then I shall use the snap and AppImage to create the basic Appdir and Snap. I've noticed there is a similar process in the current version of Librecad in the scripts folder. So it'll be useful to not start from scratch.

Packaging the Linux Install (Week 5-6)

Here we'll use the documentation that I've stated in the Detailed Proposal subsection to create the AppImage and the Snap. Once I manage to get them I'll backtrack again and automate this step.

Github Actions (Week 7-9)

I'll try to convert to Actions every step I acomplished during their weeks, but if there is any problem, I leave these weeks for them. Here I'll test every that script works inside the runners I'll code the Build workflow.

Testing and deploying (Week 10-11)

Once The workflow works, I'll add the final testing and will search on how to integrate it. I guess it should be something like (test app; if the last command line ended successfully: then deploy).

Also here Snap org profile should be created and LibreCAD3 name reserved to be able to push into the store.

Extra time for any unexpected event (Week 12-13)

During this time I'll have extra time to test everything that works well. I might be doing extra documentation if everything works fine or use this time to fix anything unexpected.

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