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Simple Template

One of the benefits of a template is they guide the user laying out the drawing and, if no entities are placed outside the template, the drawing will be centred on the sheet when printing. This tutorial is for metric units and will create a minimalist A4 landscape template with a border on the edge of the page, the unprintable area of most printers.

Templates are nothing more than a simple drawing file that contains various settings and components that can be used repetitively. These settings are limited to the drawing only and will not alter application preferences or other global settings within LibreCAD. The User Manual templates has more detail.


  • Drawing Preferences settings - Paper: A4, Landscape, Units: Millimeter.
  • Layer Settings - Layer Name: 0, Construction Layer: clear, Color: Black / White, Width: 0.00mm, Line type: continuous.

Use the Command Line widget to enter the following commands:


The page border will be displayed in the Drawing Window. Check it and save it with the following commands: File, Print Preview, set scale to 1:1, click “Center to page” icon and tick fixed to lock the scale. File, Save as A4-Landscape-Template.dxf in the template directory (refer default templates). File, Close.

Test the template is working as expected: File, New From Template, Select A4-Landscape-Template.dxf then File, Print Preview. Click “Center to page” icon if required.

Check the other tutorials for a more complex template with a border and title block.

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